Water Jet Power Flosser

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The fast, easy, and painless way to floss every day!

Your next trip to the dentist will be less scary thanks to the help of Power Floss! This revolutionary new way of flossing will make practicing better oral hygiene at home easier and painless! Dentists globally are seeing 60% decrease in visits annually because this tool is helping people prevent cavities!

Flossing is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your teeth, but so many people struggle with the task. It's often times too painful or they're just not doing it right!

That's all going to change now. With revolutionary air infusion technology the Power Floss blasts away any unwanted particles or food from your crevices, no matter how tough they are! No muss, no fuss, all you feel is a gentle spray of water along your gums!

Power Floss

✔ Quick and easy ✔ Just fill with water, point and press to power away plaque-causing debris ✔ No batteries or cords ✔ Air Infusion Technology: air propels water to gently remove debris ✔ Perfect for keeping braces and other dental work clean