Sensor Soap Dispenser

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Reduce the spread of bacteria and make your guests jealous of your beautiful home with this stylish automatic soap dispenser. You'll never have to touch a regular soap dispenser full of germs again which will help to keep your home and surroundings germ and bacteria free. 

This stylish design dispenser modernizes with any decor & room, and uses innovative Infra-Red Technology to automatically detect your hand under the dispenser and release just the right amount of soap, make it easy for you and your kids to clean their hands.

Easy to set up automatic soap dispenser: 

  1. Remove the battery cover and insert 4 new 1.5V AAA batterise into the bottom battery compartment. Put the cover back. 
  2. Twist the container lid anti-clockwise then open the cover gently. Fill the reservoir with liquid soap, about three quarter of it (tank is 9.56oz capacity). Close it tight. 
  3. Swith on: press and hold the + button for 2-3 seconds(the red light will flash twice). 
  4. Swith off: press and hold the – buttoon for 2-3 seconds(the indicate light off). 
  5. To adjust the soap liquid volume. Press + or – button once for a level, there are total 4 levels of soap liquid volume. 
  6. Put your hand under the sensor to let the dispenser start to work.