This Device Wants To Change The Way You Feel About Your Mole

Contrary to popular belief, moles can actually enhance the beauty of your face. However, despite being considered a beauty mark, when the number of moles on your face gets too out of hand, it can cause problems beyond that of beauty.

When it gets to this point, the usual option is to visit a dermatologist who will then suggest going to a surgeon to get it removed. But these procedures can be costly and take a toll on you- anesthesia after effects, healing process, etc.

Fortunately, advancements in technology in the 21st century have solved that issue. Engineers have developed an at-home method for those who want to save time & money for removal moles & skin tags.

These mole removal "pens" function similarly to the devices used at a surgeon's office. They quickly "zap" the mole and allow it to be wiped clean. These devices have been popping up in retailers all over the place, but you can find some on the ever-popular!

Here's a listing for one you can check out with more information regarding devices.