Baby Foot Exfoliating Peel Instructions

How We Do It.
You Should Too.

For best results please follow the steps above and the tips below.

  • Remove nail polish from toe nails.
  • Wet feet thoroughly. This will soften the skin thus allowing maximum penetration of the gel.
  • Cut along the dotted line and place foot in the bootie. Repeat for second foot.
  • Secure booties with attached adhesive tape as indicated above (this is not indicated above)
  • Soak feet in the gel for 1 hour as instructed on the back of your Baby Foot pack to allow to gel to be absorbed.
  • Place a pair of socks over the Baby Foot plastic and leave on for the duration of the treatment.
  • Remove the packs and wash feet gently with soap.
  • Soak your feet in water daily to activate the peeling process. This is essential - water activates Baby Foot.
  • Dead skin cells will start to peel between 3 and 7 days after initial application.
  • Do not forcibly remove dead skin cells when peeling begins. Peeling amount and time may vary from person to person and peeling can take 1- 2 weeks to occur. If your feet have a dry skin build up, we recommend a second application of Baby Foot 4 weeks after the first application. Also try our Moisture Foot Mask.

1. Cut along the dotted line of the pack and place foot in the bootie. Secure booties with attached adhesive tape as indicated. Repeat for second foot.

2. Leave sock packs on for the required time to allow the gel be absorbed. Suggested is 1 Hour.

3. Remove the sock packs and wash feet gently with soap and water. Water activates Baby Foot. Saturate feet daily for effective peeling to occur.