Tablet & Smart Phone Flexible Holder Arm

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Do you spend a lot of time on your phone or tablet around the house or office? Now you can use your smart device (or anything really) comfortably without holding it! This flexible arm mount will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can use your smartphone or tablet hands-free wherever and whenever!

The highly flexible, detachable design allows it to be bent, twisted, and rotated 360 degrees to accommodate any viewing position!

✔️ Watch shows & movies while you eat or in bed

✔️ Browse the web & catch up on social media easily

✔️ Cook like a pro with directions on your smart device right at your fingertips

✔️ Attend conference calls & meetings without having to hold your device


  1. Extremely durable - the industrial strength material keeps it from cracking or wearing out from use
  2. Super flexible - it's lightweight design allows it to be adjusted to any viewing position
  3. Strong base - the modern design of the base and clip makes it hold onto any surface
  4. Easy to use - intuitive design makes this must-have gadget easy for anyone to use!
  5. Compatibility - this universal gadget can hold ANY smart phone or tablet on the market today