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TrackR: Locate Anything In Seconds Using This Nifty GPS Tool

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New Budget Friendly, Non-Subscription GPS Tracking Device Hits The Market

It's easy to lose track of your things. For the newer generation of smartphones you can download applications for tracking in case of theft or loss (i.e. on iPhone you can use Find my iPhone, and if you have Android: Prey), but even then there is no guarantee you will get your device back- but at least you have another layer of security giving you the peace of mind. Is that not what we're all aiming for here?

With other things such as bicycles, laptops, purses, and even your pet, there's no application for that. Fortunately, advances in technology have helped us keep track of our valuables and even recover them when lost. These "trackers" serve a purpose similar to that of Find my iPhone or Prey. But they all have their limitations. Monthly subscriptions, size, and effective distance are some of the biggest limitations that each of these tracking devices face. So what options do a consumer have?


TrackR. A small and discreet device (about the size of a coin) is revolutionizing the way we keep track of important things while overcoming all limitations that modern day trackers face.


So... How Does It Work Then?

Great question! Each TrackR connects to your device via bluetooth and allows you to view the accurate location of your valuables on the free application from your device.

Here's The Cool Part!

If your TrackR goes out of Bluetooth range, you'll still be able to receive accurate, immediate location updates through the extensive network of TrackRs. You read correctly. TrackR's sophisticated technology allows the location of your TrackR to be pinged by other TrackRs giving you an accurate location update no matter how far you are from your device. Similar to a cell phone tower relaying a call, it just needs to be in range of a tower or TrackR. And with the extensive network of TrackRs, which is in the hundreds of thousands, you are pretty much always receiving a signal!

 Here's A Video Of TrackR In Action


So How Much Is This Amazing Tech Going To Cost Me?

You may think this nifty little device is going to cost you an arm and a leg. But you're wrong. Hold onto your seats. Are you ready? TrackR is only $29. And because it uses proprietary technology to track your item worldwide, there is no monthly subscription fee! Just a one-time fee of $29 and you will never lose track of your valuables again!

How Can I Get My Hands On TrackR?

Easy squeezy, lemon peazy, you can get it directly from the TrackR website here.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

As you can see, TrackR is extremely versatile. Do you ever find yourself forgetting your wallet? Forget where you parked your car? Or even trying to prevent your pet from escaping? With TrackR you can track all those things. Simply put it in your wallet- it's super thin. Leave in it your car. Or attach it to your pet's collar via keychain. And you can even track your smart device! Just press the button on TrackR and your smart device will play a sound.


It's So Easy!

Now that you've learned about this powerful new device, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Get TrackR from their website, you'll get it delivered in no time.
  • Step 2: Link TrackR with your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and place
  • Step 3: Download the free app and use it to locate your pet or valuables in seconds!


The company is now offering an incredible "Buy 3 – Get 2 FREE" deal to all new customers. This will make the perfect holiday gift for anyone you love.

Take advantage and get TrackR for your whole family!!

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