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5 Unique Gift Ideas For Under $50 That Are Going Viral In 2017

By Trendologi Product Analyst - Posted on

There's no reason why anyone would not enjoy these gifts...

Unique. Viral. When hearing words like those the mind immediately goes to cool, interest, and often times, wacky products. It's these types of products that tempt you to spending your whole paycheck on these simple yet amazing inventions. We've seen them all, and we've curated the top 5 unique products that are under $50 that went viral in 2017!

You'll see a range of products that can be used by any person, in any situation, at any time! Best of all, they're budget-friendly and so useful in everyday life that you or the person you gift these to for the holiday season will wonder how life ever functioned before these inventions!

1. TrackR Bravo - Track ANYTHING



This amazing tech is #1 on our list for a reason. When you attach this coin-sized tracking device to anything- wallet, keys, bike, car, even your PET- you can keep track of where it is, any time, anywhere. That's right! With this handy little device you can have peace of mind that you will never lose anything again. You'll only misplace it and find it again in no time. You simply just login to the free app from your smartphone or smart device and ping it to find its exact location. You can even press the button ON the TrackR device to find your phone if you've misplaced it!

So how does it work? And how is this unique from current tracking devices. TrackR works like a cell phone tower. It doesn't require a network because it will ping the nearest TrackR device for a signal when it's not in bluetooth range. And seeing as how there have been more than 5 millions TrackRs activated, the chances of you finding your lost item is statistically 20,000 times more without a TrackR. Now that's a stat to be proud of. How is this unique from other tracking devices? Unlike the competition, TrackR boasts unbeatable pricing. The device itself is only $30, and here's the kicker- there's NO subscription required. That's right. NO. SUBSCRIPTION. Other devices require you to have a monthly subscription plan in order to track your device outside of normal range. Need we say more? See for yourself, visit the TrackR website [INSERT HYPERLINK]



 2. Huddy - Transform Your Smartphone Into A Driving Display



This is probably one of the coolest products that has been gaining popularity at record-setting rates since its release. More drivers are buying it each month and it's obvious why. This ingenious device turns your smartphone into a headsup display for your car. Huddy has taken the internet by storm. It's ridiculously easy to use. You just place Huddy on your dash, put your smartphone on top of it, select the feature you want to use, and it will display on your Huddy screen. It's a transparent screen so you can use it day & night!

Huddy works with ANY smartphone of ANY size and has a slip-resistant surface so your device will stay firmly put on Huddy. The best part is you can use virtually any app or feature- they will all display on the Huddy screen! For only $35 it's no question whether or not this will be a hot item for the holidays. The question is- will you get one before they sell out?


3. FIXD - Your Car Can Now Talk To You



Getting stuck on the side of the road is a dangerous predicament no matter how long you've been a driver. We've all had that sinking feeling before as we drive down the highway and out of nowhere the car's check engine light flashes, the car starts sputtering and the next thing you know, your car is dead and you're stranded on the side of the road. 

When you go to the mechanic for any reason they somehow always find more things wrong with your car that need fixing which results in an expensive bill that you weren't expecting. Unfortunately, mechanics know the average consumer is not an expert in automobiles therefore they seize the opportunity in taking advantage of them. This is where FIXD comes in.

FIXD is a revolutionary device that will tell you EXACTLY what is wrong with your car as soon as the issue arises. It easily plugs into your car and instantly diagnoses any issues and alerts you on your smartphone. Now next time your check engine light comes on you'll know it's simply an oil change and not an expensive, unnecessary repair bill. With over $50 million in sales, it's clear to see that FIXD has made a huge impact on people's lives. This is a no-brainer gift for anyone who owns a car.



4. Key Smart - The Compact Solution To Your Bulky Key Ring



Number 4 on our list of hot gift ideas for 2017 is this nifty key fob. KeySmart is here to change the way you fumble around in your pockets & on your key ring for your keys.

Now you might be thinking, "I already have a keychain though", but here's something everyone can agree on: keychains are bulky and a nuisance. On top of that, having a keychain with several keys jumbling around in your pocket is not comfortable and often times damages other contents in your pockets.



Here's how KeySmart will change your life. KeySmart can hold up to 14 keys in an organized and aesthetically pleasing fashion and its aircraft grade aluminum makes it extremely durable. On top of that, KeySmart Pro comes with Tile Smart technology so it's got built in tracking for your keys! A smart buy for anyone who carries a lot of keys- which is pretty much anyone nowadays.


5. iMemories - Immortalize Your Memories



What better way to top off this list than to share with you an extremely thoughtful gift. Not much is needed to say about this amazing, unique idea- it's self explanatory.

Most people these days have so many priceless memories captured on old VHS tapes. It's hard to keep them organized and track them down, but that is about to change. iMemories will digitalize all your VHS tapes into HD quality DVDs that you can store easily in your home and on your computer!

Simply order a kit from iMemories, place all your VHS tapes in their kit, send it back, and receive DVD copies of your priceless memories in no time! Here's a perfect gift for your friends & families.