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Unique. Viral. When hearing words like those the mind immediately goes to cool, interest, and often times, wacky products. It's these types of products that tempt you to spending your whole paycheck on these simple yet amazing inventions. We've seen them all, and we've curated the top 5 unique products that are under $50 that went viral in 2017!

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Freehawk 7-In-1 Keychain Multitool - $8


New Budget Friendly, Non-Subscription GPS Tracking Device Hits The Market

It's easy to lose track of your things. For the newer generation of smartphones you can download applications for tracking in case of theft or loss (i.e. on iPhone you can use Find my iPhone, and if you have Android: Prey), but even then there is no guarantee you will get your device back- but at least you have another layer of security giving you the peace of mind. Is that not what we're all aiming for here?

With other things such as bicycles, laptops, purses, and even your pet, there's no application for that. Fortunately, advances in technology have helped us keep track of our valuables and even recover them when lost. These "trackers" serve a purpose similar to that of Find my iPhone or Prey. But they all have their limitations. Monthly subscriptions, size, and effective distance are some of the biggest limitations that each of these tracking devices face. So what options do a consumer have?


TrackR. A small and discreet device (about the size of a coin) is revolutionizing the way we keep track...


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