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You Can Preserve Your Open Bottle of Wine with This

By Trendologi Product Analyst - Posted on

If you are a wine lover, you would understand the dilemma of opening a nice bottle of wine. Red and white wines typically only last three to five days after opening. If you can’t finish a bottle of wine in time, it can either develop a vinegar smell or a bruised fruit taste.

The Savino Wine Saving Carafe solves this problem for wine drinkers. With 15 years of research, Savino developed an innovative wine preservation system made of high-quality glass, plastic, and silicone. It’s designed to slow down the oxidization of wine and keep it fresh for up to a week. The serving carafe stores up to 750 ml of wine and it has an elegant look.

How does the carafe stop the wine’s depreciation of taste? The secret lies in the “float” stopper that can seal the wine in, creating a barrier between the wine and the air. When you tilt the carafe, it automatically unseals for you to pour your wine. It also reseals automatically when you finish pouring! The material is safe for the dishwasher so you won’t have to worry about the trouble of cleaning it. If you plan to wash it by hands, the float can be easily removed from the carafe.

Savino funded this product via a successful Kickstarter campaign and it’s now available on Amazon at $49.95. If you want to avoid wasting your expensive bottles of wine, this product could be a good investment for your kitchen.