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The Most Successful Wallet on Kickstarter

By Trendologi Products - Posted on

Bi-fold wallets are appealing to people who don’t like carrying around a big purse. Men, especially, like to put their tiny wallet into their back pocket and not worry about it.

Jack Sutter, a Brooklyn designer, was unsatisfied with the bi-fold wallets available on the market. He designed one of his own based on an inspiration from a good friend, who was using a rubber band from a broccoli stem to hold his money and cards together. That’s right – TGT wallets were born fashionably out of a broccoli stem. Nothing inspires people more than the mundane things! 

Handmade by American artisans and craftsmen, the TGT wallets became a huge hit on Kickstarter. Within a short time, the wallets had gained over 7,000 backers and received over $300,000 in funding.

The best-selling wallet on Kickstarter features a simple design made of fine Italian leather, with a high-quality elastic fabric wrapped outside of the leather. The tight fabric allows users to insert their cash or cards on the outside without dropping anything. Whether you only have two cards or as many as 20, the wallet’s flexibility can hold everything tight. Even with a stack of cash packed in the wallet, it is barely thicker than an iPhone. Sutter claims that it can slide into even the tightest pocket in the world, allowing people to wear the skinniest jeans. People who dislike inconvenience can leave their unnecessary bags at home with this practical wallet design.