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Star Wars Comes to Augmented Reality

By Trendologi Product Analyst - Posted on

 “Awaken your inner Jedi,” says Disney’s trailer for its upcoming augmented-reality game, Jedi Challenges.

Disney is creating an AR platform that will facilitate Jedi Challenges and other games in the making. The company has partnered up with Lenovo to create a new AR headset, which will be used alongside with smartphones. You will need to download the mobile application onto your phone and slide the screen into the Disney AR headset. The incorporation of using a smartphone as the software driver might allow this game to become widely popular, because the entry price will be much lower than purchasing a pair of virtual reality goggles. 

Jedi Challenges is the AR version of the classic Holochess game from Star Wars, where players can order their holographic aliens to fight on a black-and-white checker table. Holochess is the second most popular game in the Star Wars universe and it has shown up multiple times in the movies. Now, Star Wars fans can expect to join the game as Jedi 

In the teaser video, Disney showed the player holding a lightsaber. While we don’t know what the lightsaber experience will be exactly, we can assume players will be able to see and wield an AR lightsaber in their headsets.

Disney has yet to announce a release date for the game and the AR headset. However, the company did showcase the game during D23 Expo in Anaheim, which implies that the game can be hitting the market soon. On Lenovo’s website, it states that the game is coming soon to Best Buy and