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Samsung Partners With WeWork to Provide Customer Care

By Trendologi Products - Posted on

If you crack your iPhone’s screen, you can take it to Apple’s Genius Bar for a repair. Or even better, Amazon now offers its own technician service that brings someone directly to your doorstep just to fix your phone.

What about Samsung phone owners? While Samsung has a sizable market in the US, its physical presence is far behind Apple. If you break a Samsung phone, you would most likely go to a local phone repair store and hope for the best outcome. Good news for all you Samsung fans out there – the company is teaming up with WeWork to set up “care centers” that aim at outdoing Apple’s Genius Bar. 

Mick McConnell, the VP of design at Samsung Electronics America, recalled his experience with his wife at Apple’s Genius Bar to be “sterile.” He dreaded the long hours of waiting at an unappealing shop and he thought Samsung could do it better. 

This month, Samsung partnered with coworking startup WeWork to open three pilot service centers in Detroit, Miami, and Williamsburg, New York. Samsung customers can go into these WeWork locations to seek help while taking advantage of the WeWork space to get some work done.

The idea sounds innovative; however, it comes with a few shortcomings. Samsung is only offering basic support at the WeWork locations, like teaching customers how to use their device and mailing it in if it requires serious repairs. The Samsung staff on-site won’t actually be able to repair your phones. Most customers who walk into a store for repairs usually look for emergency repair and troubleshooting, but not simply sending it off to another location and wait. Apple’s Genius Bar might be sterile, but the staff can most likely walk you out with a functional device. Nonetheless, this is Samsung’s first step to expanding its customer care via a creative partnership.