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Get Your Buttered Coffee in Whole Foods This Fall

By Trendologi Product Analyst - Posted on

How do you like your morning coffee? Black, with sugar and cream, or with butter?

Bulletproof Coffee, a wellness brand, first became popular with its buttered coffee. Now, the coffee brand is coming out with a ready-to-drink version that will be available in Whole Foods stores this month. The product is made with cold brew coffee, grass-fed butter, and a Brain Octane oil from coconuts. Although there isn’t much scientific evidence proving the health benefits of buttered coffee, Bulletproof Coffee has formed a cult among diet junkies.

The company claims that its buttered coffee works better than traditional black coffee in diminishing brain fog and increases mental energy. Butter also works well with an increasingly popular “high-fat diet” among Americans. A high-fat diet, or a ketogenic diet, is counterintuitive as it promotes weight loss and lessens the feeling of hunger. Tech workers in Silicon Valley have also been supportive of this diet as it gives them a “mental edge.” 

Besides delivering caffeine and brain power, Bulletproof Coffee’s new bottles come in four flavors with silky texture – original, vanilla, mocha, and original with collagen protein. The company claims that its new bottled drinks provide a shortcut to a keto diet. Nevertheless, all of these claims are not backed by any strong scientific research. Doctors have also expressed their concern over consuming too much saturated fat. While buttered coffee is an interesting new trend, it can well be another marketer’s trick to lure consumers into paying for gimmicky food and drink products. If you already have high cholesterol, you should still avoid following a high-fat diet to minimize health risks.